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Tips for Avoiding 4th of July Traffic Accidents in Indiana

Posted Jun 30, 2022 by Matt Boulton

Besides the abundance of fireworks, national pride, and barbecues, the 4th of July weekend often sees a significant increase in the number of travelers on the road. This surge in 4th of July traffic accidents is attributed to traffic and car accidents. Further, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contends that the 4th of July weekend can be the deadliest or the second-deadliest day for drivers. This assessment comes after the NHTSA analyzed traffic accident data collected over 20 years.

The silver lining is that you can avoid the 4th of July traffic accidents. We at Boulton Law Group have leveraged our experience handling 4th of July traffic accidents and claims to provide these tips to help you avoid 4th of July weekend traffic collisions.

1. Focus on the Road to Avoid 4th of July Traffic Accidents

Many distractions can impede your concentration on the road. For example, you may use your phone to listen to music, read messages, view directions, or talk on a call. You may also eat, read, or focus on the kids fighting in the backseat.

Losing focus while on the road can be deadly. You can miss potential hazards or lose control of the vehicle. These actions can severely affect you, other road users, or property and signage beside the road.

Focus on the road to avoid 4th of July traffic accidents. Maximum concentration might be necessary, especially on the 4th of July when many people use the road. You should avoid potential hazards early, be aware of traffic, and always maintain control of your vehicle; these actions can help you avoid traffic accidents. Additionally:

  • Having someone else check directions on a phone
  • Avoiding talking, texting, or reading on the phone while on the road
  • Don’t drive while tired
  • Avoid eating, reading, or focusing on kids while on the road
  • Consider pulling over by the roadside where appropriate to do anything that can be a distraction while on the road

2. Avoid Driving During High Traffic Periods

Where possible, you can ensure you drive in less busy times or areas. For example, mornings are often quieter on the roads, except when people return home after the celebrations.

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According to AAA, the 3rd of July is one of the worst days for traveling in different metropolitan areas, particularly from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. when people travel to their holiday or celebration destinations. Traffic can build up as people hurry to leave town, increasing the likelihood of traffic accidents. You may consider taking additional days off to beat the rush.

Other high traffic times are the 4th of July afternoon, as people go to local events, and the 5th of July when they travel back home. If you can avoid traveling during these periods, you significantly decrease your chances of being in a traffic accident.

3. Be Vigilant for Drunk Driving to Avoid 4th of July Traffic Accidents

Between all-day events and sun exposure, fatigue and dangerous intoxication levels can come on quickly. Be vigilant to prevent and avoid drunk driving.

Determine who’ll be the designated sober driver before getting into the thick of celebrations. Unfortunately, some still believe that having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel is acceptable. A slight buzz often impairs your driving capabilities. Therefore, the designated sober driver should avoid alcohol, as they must be alert while on the road. If staying sober is challenging for all qualified to drive, you may use Uber or Lyft.

4. Stay the Night

Nighttime travel can impair vision and pose various risks that increase your chances of being in a traffic accident. You may also encounter many intoxicated motorists who’re traveling home leaving you vulnerable to a serious car accident. You can spend the night and travel the next day to avoid coming across these drivers or facing the risks of nighttime travel. Even when you aren’t intoxicated, you may consider staying at a family’s or friend’s house overnight after the festivities.

5. Follow Traffic Rules

As the 4th of July weekend often means a busy road, follow traffic rules and signs to reduce your likelihood of being in a traffic accident. For example, be sure to follow the necessary speed limits and drive according to the weather and traffic conditions in designated areas to help avoid collisions.

6. Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear

If you’re on a motorcycle, wear the appropriate safety gear to avoid a traffic accident. For example, you should wear reflective clothing to be more visible in or around traffic. You can also protect your vision using goggles or a full helmet. Gloves can also provide you with a better grip while riding the motorcycle. Have the necessary protective gear to protect you in an accident, such as a helmet that can provide shock-absorption and help protect your head.

Avoid 4th of July Traffic Accidents in Indiana

While these measures can reduce your likelihood of being in a traffic accident, other drivers’ recklessness can cause a crash. If you’re in a car accident in Indiana, Boulton Law Group can help you. We’re a top-rated law firm with experienced personal injury attorneys. Once you contact us, a car accident lawyer will examine your case, advise you regarding your legal options, help you file a claim, and handle negotiations, settlement, or court filings. Contact us today for legal representation.

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