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8 Tips for Safe Driving Along Construction Zones

Posted Aug 16, 2021 by Matt Boulton

Indiana’s government is constantly working to ensure Hoosiers see where their taxes are going, including regularly fixing roads. But, unfortunately, these frequent road constructions have caused problems for motorists using the route under construction.

This has been the cause of numerous road accidents every year. However, as a motorist in Indianapolis, you can avoid accidents by adhering to safety measures when driving along a construction zone. The following tips will help you stay safe as you navigate through a road section under construction in Indianapolis.

1. Look Out For Signs

Signs of road construction are always orange in color and diamond in shape. They are usually indicated ‘work zone ahead,’ so you can easily spot them when driving along any route that has some construction work going on ahead.

When you spot these ‘orange diamond’ signs, reduce your speed and be on the lookout for any more stop signs, merge signs, or lane change indications.

2. Maintain Low Speed

Usually, signs indicate the prescribed speed as one approaches the construction zone. Ensure you stick to this speed or even go at a slower speed than the one stated to be on the safe side. Driving at a slower speed gives you ample time to react whenever you encounter an obstacle on the way. The low speed allows you to either make a sudden stop or get out of the way.

Usually, speed limits indicated on the signs depend on the level of activity at the site and the proximity of the workers to the bus lanes.

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Maintaining low speed also helps you avoid hefty speeding fines that are usually enforced in construction zones. At times, the speeding fines are double the usual fines for drivers who violate the stipulated speed at the construction zone.

3. Stay Alert

Distraction-free driving is always recommended. However, this is even more crucial when driving along construction zones. As you drive along the travel lanes, be on alert for any flaggers and signs and adhere to the directions given by the flaggers. Also, keep checking your side mirrors for any cars that try to overtake you to avoid accidents.

It is also safe to avoid any distractions. For instance, do not use your mobile phone while driving and avoid changing the radio station. If possible, turn off your radio until you pass the construction zone.

4. Put Some Distance between Your Car and Other Cars

Once you enter the construction zone, you need to increase the distance between your vehicle and other vehicles. The ideal distance is the length of two or three cars. This distance is vital because it gives you adequate time to make an abrupt stop whenever necessary.

Abrupt stops are a normal occurrence along construction zones. If there is not enough distance between your car and other cars, you can easily get involved in a rear-ending accident.

5. Prepare To Drive along Narrow Lanes

Most travel lanes along construction zones are set aside for passenger vehicles and not necessarily commercial trucks. Hence, most of these lanes are narrow, and if you are driving a commercial truck, you may experience difficulty driving along these lanes.

To be on the safe side, prepare yourself to drive along narrow lanes so you won’t have a hard time on the lanes and cause even more traffic for other vehicles.

6. Obey Rules to the End

Just because you do not see a worker on the road does not mean you should violate the road safety rules indicated on the signs. If you defy the signs and instead decide to speed up, you can easily get into an accident or even find yourself in a tricky situation.

Also, seeing the end of the construction zone does not mean you should speed up. Instead, stick to the rules and maintain a low speed until you are out of the area.

7. Watch Out For Brake Lights

As mentioned above, one of the most common accidents along construction zones is rear-ending accidents. Rear-end accidents occur when a car hits the vehicle ahead of it. Some of the most common causes of rear-end accidents include panic stops and distractions.

One way to avoid a rear-end collision when driving along the construction zone is by watching out for brake lights shown by the car in front of you. Unfortunately, some vehicles may not indicate the brake lights, so the best thing to do is to maintain a reasonable distance between your vehicle and other vehicles and watch out for any sudden stops made by the car ahead of you.

8. Be Patient

Even though the construction zone in the middle of your regular route may inconvenience you, it is best to remain calm. Relax, lower your speed and carefully maneuver the road so you can safely reach your destination.

Keep in mind that the road construction is done for your good and not to inconvenience you.

Construction zones can be dangerous and frustrating to navigate. However, with the above tips, you can safely drive through these zones while ensuring your safety and that of other drivers and the workers along the road. In case you suffer any injuries while driving along the construction zones, you can be sure to get free legal advice from Boulton Law Group.

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