Volvo “Safety” Giveaway Tied to the Big Game: $2M Worth of Cars

Volvo has long touted its record with regard to safety innovation. In fact, the Swedish vehicle manufacturer is the originator of several life-saving features found in many of today’s cars, SUV’s, and trucks, including:

  • Introduction of the three-point safety belt.
  • Side Impact Protection System (side airbags).
  • The first booster cushion for children.

And now, for the second year in a row, Volvo is using Sunday’s Big Game to bring attention to its history of helping to provide consumers with safer vehicles.

Known as Volvo Safety Sunday, the car manufacturer has pledged to give away $2 Million worth of cars if either football team scores a safety on Sunday, January 7, 2021.

A “safety” will be awarded if a player either from either team is tackled in their own endzone while possessing the ball, or if the offense is called for a penalty in their own endzone. (For specific safety rules, we’ll hand it off to the NFL.)

So what are your chances of winning?

First, you have to sign-up by visiting Volvo Safety Sunday and design your ideal Volvo. Once you’re finished designing the vehicle, you’ll click “Try To Win This Volvo,” and enter your information for a chance to win.

Then you’ll be hoping to beat the odds of a safety occurring on Sunday. In its 54-year history, teams have combined for nine safeties. While the chances are somewhat slim, we’ve also seen worse odds in big giveaways!

Being that our firm is focused exclusively on personal injury, Boulton Law Group is excited to see a car manufacturer highlight its commitment to safety for such a big promotional contest.

And since we are highlighting the subject of vehicle safety, it makes sense to look at a number of other recent vehicles that received top mention for their ability to lessen the chances of an accident-related fatality.

2020 Vehicle Safety Ratings & Crash Tests

Volvo should be commended for pioneering certain safety features, but it should be noted that groups such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have given higher ratings to a number of other vehicles and manufacturers with regard to crashworthiness and crash avoidance and mitigation.

(The IIHS provides an entire list of 2020 Top Safety Picks which allows you to filter vehicle selections by types/sizes and makes.)

To determine which vehicles rank highest among the IIHS crashworthiness test, six tests are performed that measure results from a variety of common collision-types, including:

  • Frontal Crash Tests – Since these crashes account for the largest number of vehicle-related fatalities, the IIHS conducts three types of frontal collisions:
    • Moderate Overlap Frontal Test – In order to gather data on what would happen if two automobiles of similar weight were involved in a frontal offset crash, a dummy-occupied vehicle is crashed into a barrier at 40 mph, however, only 40% of the vehicle’s driver side front makes contact with the barrier.
    • Driver-Side Small Overlap Frontal Test – A number of frontal collisions involve less than 40% of the driver side front, whether it’s a crash between another automobile, tree, or utility pole. For the small overlap frontal test, a dummy-occupied vehicle is driven into a 5-foot tall rigid barrier, however, only 25% of the vehicle’s driver front makes contact.
    • Passenger-Side Small Overlap Frontal Test – To measure passenger-side crashworthiness, the IIHS reproduces the previous two tests by placing two crash-dummies (driver side and passenger side) in the vehicle and measuring the results of the prior tests, but this time with the impact being made on the passenger side.
  • Side Crash Test – Whether it’s the result of an illegal left-hand turn or other traffic-related infraction, side-impact or T-bone-style collisions account for close to 25% of crash-related fatalities.
  • Roof Strength Test – Rollover accidents are another leading cause of wrongful deaths, claiming thousands of lives each year.
  • Head Restraints & Seats Whiplash injuries lead the way among personal injury claims. As such, the IIHS continues to conduct annual testing on the effectiveness of a vehicle’s seat and headrest in helping to prevent whiplash-related effects.

The following tests and ratings are focused on crash avoidance and mitigation:

  • Front Crash Prevention Tests – In addition to evaluating forward collision warning and autobrake systems between two vehicles, the IIHS also looks at an automobile’s ability to avoid an accident with a pedestrian.
  • Headlight Ratings – With nearly half of all fatal crashes occurring during the evening hours, the IIHS conducts testing with regard to headlight technology.
  • Lower Anchors & Tethers for Children (LATCH) Evaluation – Because a vehicle’s child restraint system can vary from model to model, the IIHS evaluates a LATCH system with regard to factors such as its construction, location, and ease of use.

Auto manufacturers are continually implementing new features and design changes to their vehicles, and while the IIHS cannot realistically test every model from every manufacturer, it does offer a sizeable collection of vehicles that you can review for their year-over-year ratings.

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