What does an incomplete spinal injury mean to my life?

When you left your house in the morning, you had no idea that your life would be forever changed by the afternoon. While walking across the street to get some lunch, a vehicle collided with you, failing to stop for a red light.

You’re thankful to be alive, but the reality is that you’re in significant pain and require assistance getting back to your normal daily life. You’ve suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury, which could mean that your body won’t ever work the same again.

An incomplete injury

The good news is that an incomplete spinal injury is better than a complete injury. It means that your spinal cord wasn’t completely cut off or damaged, so you still have some strength, feeling and sensation below the point of the injury.

The bad news is that an injury like this varies widely and could leave you feeling as if you have little sensation and barely any strength to stand. In mild cases, individuals may have no outward signs of injury, despite a spinal injury taking place.

It’s normal for incomplete injuries to fall somewhere in the middle, making it likely that you have some loss of sensation and disruption of normal functionality. As a benefit of not completely severing the spinal cord, the area actually has a better chance of recovery. One study from Colorado showed that three out of four patients with at least some movement in their legs after an incomplete injury did go on to recover significantly.

After a crash or other incident, your incomplete injury may change your life. Make sure you take steps so that you can be fairly compensated.

Source: Craig Hospital, “Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries: The Early Days,” accessed May 24, 2018

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