What makes a spinal cord injury so serious?

A spinal cord injury is one that is devastating. A person with this injury may have a sudden disability, chronic pain or a loss of sensation that creates weakness in the affected areas of the body.

Spinal cord injuries happen in many ways, but trauma is one of the most common. For some, getting into a motorcycle accident, truck accident or a car crash results in these devastating injuries that may not be curable.

The spinal cord travels from the bottom of the brain down the back. With 31 pairs of nerves, the spinal cord carries commands that allow you to move your muscles. This includes the muscles that make up your organs as well. Depending on where the spinal cord is injured, a person may have trouble with the upper body, lower body or both.

The spinal cord is in control of several sensations including position, temperature, pain and touch. The spinal canal protects it inside your back bones. If a vertebrae is pushed out of position or lacerated, there’s a real potential for a serious, and possibly fatal, injury.

The problem with the spinal cord is that it is unable to repair itself if it is injured. Unlike the skin or the body’s organs, it will not reconnect or reroute messages. You may suffer a complete or incomplete injury; with a complete injury, you have no feeling or sensation below the point of injury. Incomplete injuries retain some level of functionality.

No matter what kind of spinal injury you have, the right compensation matters. These injuries often need ongoing medical care.

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