What should you know about fatal crashes in Indiana?

Indiana is home to more than 6.6 million people, according to 2016 statistics. Of those people, 821 were involved in fatal car crashes that year.

The most common road users to pass away in fatal accidents included car occupants, but motorcyclists also had a high risk of death. Eighty-eight of the people who passed away included motorcyclists. Pedestrians made up 85 of the 821, while cyclists made up 19 of the 821.

Around half the crashes that resulted in deaths were single-vehicle collisions, while 49 percent were multiple-vehicle crashes. It’s believed that 34 percent of drivers killed were intoxicated at the time of the collisions.

What do these statistics tell you about road safety in Indiana?

The basic thing to remember is that crashes can, and do, happen to every kind of road user. No one is immune to a serious collision. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists have to be cautious and make sure they’re seen. They have less protection than people in passenger vehicles or trucks. Drivers of trucks and cars, on the other hand, must be aware of their surroundings to prevent crashing into those with limited protection.

Another thing to note is that a high number of drivers were intoxicated at the time of death. Not all of those drivers caused the accidents, but it’s safe to say that alcohol does factor into crashes in a negative way. No driver should get behind the wheel when intoxicated, because it could cause a fatal collision.

These statistics show that accidents can and do still happen. If you’re hurt, remember your legal rights; you can claim for compensation while you focus on recovery.

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute, “General statistics,” accessed March 07, 2018

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