Why do water slide accidents happen?

You were enjoying a fun day at the local waterpark with your friends when you decided to go down one of the larger slides. At the top, you noticed a few people creep close to the edge as they slid down, but you didn’t think you’d actually go over.

As soon as you hit the curve in the slide, you knew you weren’t staying on the ride. The mat slipped out from under you, and you found yourself falling from a great height. Fortunately, there was a lake below you, but even water hurts from that distance.

A lifeguard was there and helped you to safety. You were sent to the hospital immediately with a broken rib, bruising and several other injuries. You later discovered you’d hit the water hard enough to get a concussion, and the back of your arm was lacerated from where you tried to grab the slide.

Situations like this shouldn’t happen, but they can if the ride is not maintained or designed correctly. For example, if there is too much water pressure running down the slide, it could force you to go over the recommended speed and cause you to fly out of the tunnel. In your case, there was no net to catch you, so you were fortunate that a lifeguard saw what happened and came to your aid. Otherwise, it’s possible that you could have drowned.

Cases like this aren’t unheard of. It’s important that the owner of the waterpark is held liable for the injuries you’ve suffered. You shouldn’t have had to suffer injuries because of the negligence of another.

Source: FindLaw, “Who’s Liable for Waterpark Injuries?,” Brett Snider, Esq., accessed June 30, 2017

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