1 killed in motorcycle crash in Elkhart, Indiana

In many motorcycle crashes, the problem is that the motorcyclist isn’t seen by the driver of another vehicle. This is usually because of the vehicle’s profile, which is smaller than most, making it harder to see and recognize.

Motorcycles also appear to travel slower than they are, so a driver could pull out in front of a motorcyclist who doesn’t have enough time to slow down or stop. This is a common situation and one that drivers need to be aware of if these crashes are ever to be eliminated.

Take, for instance, a case that took place in Elkhart. This crash occurred on June 14 in the middle of the afternoon. A Harley Davidson was traveling north when the driver of a Chevy vehicle decided to make a turn at the intersection of John Weaver Parkway and Aeroplex Driver.

When the driver turned, he entered the path of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist couldn’t stop, resulting in a fatal two-vehicle crash. The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene and identified as being 62 years old in the news.

In fatal crashes like these, it’s possible to hold the driver responsible for his or her negligence or recklessness. Even if the crash wasn’t intentional, it does leave family members and others with the loss of a loved one and potential loss of income. The financial implications are serious when a person dies, so those who are responsible need to be liable for the incident. Insurance claims help bereaved family members seek out the compensation they need if a loved one is killed.

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