Assisted Living Facility “Fight Club” Spotlights Country’s Elder Abuse Crisis

Despite large amounts of ongoing litigation and increased federal regulations against negligent nursing homes and assisted living facilities across our country, abuse and poor care continues to happen at an alarming rate.

If you were to do a Google news search for “nursing home abuse,” a number of disturbing stories will likely appear in the results.

The most recent example of elder abuse in the headlines involves the discovery of a “senior fight club” at a Winston-Salem, North Carolina assisted living facility named the Danby House.

Following the investigation into a June 21st complaint, three female employees were arrested after they were accused of encouraging elderly residents with dementia to fight one another. The employees were also found to have recorded the fights on their phone.

Per authorities, one count of assault against a disabled person was levied against two of the women, while the ringleader was charged with two counts of assault.

No further information was available to determine if any of the three women will actually receive jail time for their offenses.

Indiana’s troubled nursing homes

Sadly, the story above is not an isolated act of elder abuse. A large number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the U.S. are plagued with long lists of violations and reported acts of negligence.

Most recently, a document put forth by the Special Focus Facility Program (SFF) highlights the nation’s most troubled homes and centers that are currently under federal watch.

Unfortunately, Indiana hosts three nursing homes that are among the worst in the U.S., with an additional 14 nursing homes recently being placed on the SFF’s watch list for repeated instances of negligence and/or poor care.

Indiana’s three biggest offenders:

  1. Lawrence Manor Healthcare Center in Indianapolis
  2. Vernon Health & Rehabilitation in Wabash
  3. Aperion Care Arbors in Michigan City

Newest nursing homes and facilities to appear on SFF’s monitoring program:

  1. Essex Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  2. Signature Healthcare of Lafayette
  3. Hanover Nursing Center
  4. Aperion Care Valparaiso
  5. Simmons Loving Care Health Facility
  6. Life Care Center of Rochester
  7. Signature Healthcare of Newburgh
  8. Majestic Care of Fort Wayne
  9. Rawlins House of Health & Living Community
  10. Aperion Care Peru
  11. Majestic Care of Connersville
  12. North Ridge Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  13. Golden LivingCenter – Elkhart
  14. Aperion Care Tolleston Park

While this list accounts for some of the most well-known offenders, acts of negligence and nursing home abuse can happen at any facility, not just those under federal watch.

It is important that you report nursing home abuse if you see or suspect anything out of the ordinary involving an elderly loved one or other resident. Documenting an act of negligence is the only way to stop poor care and prevent abuse from continuing to happen to others.

Indiana nursing home abuse attorney

If you believe your loved one has been a victim of poor care or nursing home abuse, it is critical that you contact an attorney to help you document and investigate the incident(s). Not saying anything places your loved one at further risk and jeopardizes any potential compensation for future care that can be collected on their behalf.

Also, it is important to realize that nursing home abuse cases can be extremely complex and costly to pursue. Without an experienced attorney on your side, any case, no matter how strong, can be incredibly difficult to win.

Attorney Matt Boulton focuses exclusively on personal injury claims throughout Indiana and offers nursing home abuse victims and their families a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that you will never be charged a consultation fee, and the firm only receives payment for its legal services after it wins your case.

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