Beware of “Best Injury Lawyer Near Me” Google Searches!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

It is a common feeling for anyone that’s been seriously injured in a car accident.

In addition to inflicting physical injuries, there is an emotional toll. It comes in the form of property damage negotiations, rental cars, making doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, insurance company calls, medical bills, missed work, bill collectors, etc.

On top of it all, you still need to choose the “right” lawyer for your case. But with a seemingly never-ending list of accident lawyers, how do you know whom to choose?

Did you Google “best injury lawyer near me”?

A quick “best injury lawyer near me” search will instantly show a list of accident lawyers and law firms closest to your location. This makes Google a quick and easy resource for accident victims seeking personal injury law firms.

However, the first page of Google’s search results do not always tell the entire story.

For example, if you live in Indianapolis and do a “best injury lawyer near me” search, Google’s results will be a combination of Paid Ads and law firms that are, as expected, closest to you in physical proximity.

There are a couple potential problems with these results:

1)    Any law firm can pay to appear at the top. Google does not filter these results based on the quality or experience the firm offers accident victims.

2)   Because it is a “near me” search, you are likely excluding a number of qualified firms based on location.

(Unknown to some, location of a firm is irrelevant in most instances. Reputable firms do not require you to visit their office and can successfully handle your claim from anywhere in the state.)

Simply put, Google results do not take into account the intangibles that help to make an experienced and successful injury lawyer and law firm.

To better help you narrow the search when seeking an accident attorney, we have put together a list of common questions to ask while doing your research.

Ask these questions before hiring an injury lawyer

We recommend preparing a list of questions before you call a law firm or meet with an attorney for your initial consultation.

At a minimum, you should include the following:

“Are all consultations free?”

Consultations should always be free, even if it means you need to speak to the attorney multiple times before making your decision to hire them.

“Do you work on a contingency fee?”

We strongly recommend you hire an injury lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will owe them nothing unless they win your case.

The Boulton Law Group does this in the form of a Zero Fee Guarantee. Clients don’t pay us a dime until we win their case.

“Is your practice 100% devoted to personal injury?”

A large number of firms spread their practice across a variety of case types, including family law, criminal, etc. We advise hiring a law firm that only practices personal injury law, each day every day.

“Do you have litigation experience with my type of case?”

If it is determined by your attorney that a better outcome can be reached through a trial, then you want to be sure they have experience handling your case type, whether it be a semi-truck accident, dog bite, nursing home abuse, or other related injury claim.

“Does your law firm have a sliding scale fee?”

Before hiring your injury attorney, be sure to ask them if their fee stays the same throughout the entire course of the case, or if it increases based on the need for a trial.

If the fee is subject to increase, this is known as a sliding scale fee.

“Will you be the attorney handling my case?”

Sometimes a firm will have you initially meet with someone who may not be the attorney who will even be handling your case. This can occur when meeting with the “large” firms.

“Will your fees ever exceed my recovery?”

The Boulton Law Group’s fees will never exceed your recovery, even if that means we have to reduce our fees. Be sure the attorney you hire guarantees this as well.

“Am I expected to make trips to your office for meetings?”

You should never be required to make trips to your attorney’s office for consultations or meetings.

For example, attorney Boulton has always made it clear that he will meet with clients at the hospital, their home, or wherever is most convenient for them. The right lawyer puts your convenience first.

Why Choose the Boulton Law Group?

In addition to satisfying each of the above questions, attorney Boulton offers injured victims more than 20 years of experience in successfully handling accident-related claims throughout Indiana.

The Boulton Law Group devotes 100% of its practice to personal injury.

And no matter the type or size of your injury case, attorney Boulton and his staff work to ensure each of his clients feel like family.

Whether you are a resident of Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, or a closely surrounding city, attorney Boulton will visit with you at your home, the hospital, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Talk to attorney Boulton for a Free Case Evaluation

The Boulton Law Group provides all injured victims a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that we will never charge a consultation or initial investigation fee, and you owe us nothing until we win your claim.

To speak to attorney Boulton about your accident case, you can contact him direct by dialing 317-350-2680.

Additionally, you can write to us using our confidential contact form, or by chatting with us live on our website.

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