Hiring a “No Win No Fee” Indianapolis Injury Attorney

Whether it is medical bills, lost wages, or one of several other unexpected costs, accident victims should never be denied access to top-rated legal representation because of their financial situation.

Having successfully consulted with and helped seriously injured people throughout Indiana, Boulton Law Group is aware of the legal and personal burdens clients’ face.

For this reason, attorney Boulton has positioned himself as a No Win No Fee Indianapolis injury attorney. We refer to our arrangement with our injured clients as the Boulton Law Group’s Zero Fee Guarantee.

Zero Fee Guarantee

  • No matter the size of your case or type of accident, we offer all our injured callers and clients a Zero Fee Guarantee.
  • Our guarantee promises our injured clients the following:
  • You will never be charged a consultation or evaluation fee.
  • You will never be charged for any legal advice.
  • You owe us nothing until we make a recovery on your behalf.
  • Our final fee will never exceed your recovery. (This means we will reduce our fee if necessary.)

Why Hire A No Win No Fee Injury Attorney?

In addition to being risk-free, our Zero Fee Guarantee allows you to focus exclusively on making your doctor’s appointments and returning to optimal health. And since you will not have to be concerned with receiving bills from attorneys, we like to believe it helps with reducing your stress.

Besides this, there are a number of reasons a victim may wish to hire an attorney that offers a Zero Fee Guarantee, but we believe the following to be most important:

a) Injury cases can take months or years to resolve.

There are several unknowns when injury claims are filed with an insurance company. One of the risks involves the amount of time it will take to be compensated for your injuries.

If you were to hire an attorney that charges an hourly rate, their fees could quickly reduce the value of your overall recovery and compensation.

A no win no fee agreement ensures that you can take as much time as is required to treat and address your injuries without worrying about an hourly legal rate negatively affecting your recovery.

b) Insurance company lawyers.

In addition to skillfully trained adjusters, insurance companies also employ a number of high-priced lawyers. Their attorneys work with a single goal in mind: to limit the amount of money they pay you for your accident and injuries.

Having a No Win No Fee lawyer to advocate on your behalf enables you to even the playing field and ensures someone is working with your best interests in mind.

c) No confusion.

Another advantage to hiring an attorney that offers a Zero Fee Guarantee, is that there will be no surprises once the case settles.

For example, the Boulton Law Group’s retainer charges a 1/3rd fee for any case that it wins on behalf of its clients. Offering our clients a straight fee that is disclosed upfront removes any questions about what percentage our firm retains for its services. Our fee does not increase with the time or if filing a lawsuit is required.

Giving Your Case Maximum Effort

Having successfully handled injury claims for more than 20 years, attorney Boulton understands what proof insurance companies will require before they make their best offer. He also understands how to professionally present a case to a court or a jury to help ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Building the strongest case on your behalf takes a large amount of upfront work.

Our No Fee No Win arrangement guarantees that you’ll never be charged any additional fees no matter how much work is performed on your behalf.

Examples of the types of legal work personal injury cases may require include the following:

  • Professional investigation(s)
  • Ordering and obtaining official copies of all accident-related medical records, bills, and other documents
  • Retaining expert witnesses
  • Locating and obtaining witness statements
  • Coordinating recorded statements
  • Communication with bill collectors
  • Bill reduction efforts
  • Legal correspondence and negotiations

Treating Clients Like Family

Attorney Boulton offers injured victims a different choice in legal representation. One that prides itself in delivering first-class service to its clients.

No matter the size of your case, every client at the Boulton Law Group is treated with respect, empathy, and dignity.

We have a proud tradition of successfully representing clients across the state of Indiana, including cities such as Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington, Evansville, Brownsburg and its many surrounding areas.

To speak to attorney Boulton at no cost, call him direct at 317-350-2680, or write to us with the details of your case by using our confidential contact form.

When you choose Boulton Law Group to represent you, you will be treated like family.

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