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Will I Get More Money if I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Whether you were rear-ended in a car accident, fell in a parking lot, or bitten by the neighbor's dog, Indiana's comparative negligence laws give you the right to seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim. And since there’s no law against filing a claim or...

Should I Hire an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Imagine a personal injury attorney telling you that you may not need to hire him or her to properly settle your car accident claim. Surprised? It actually happens more often than one might think. In fact, attorney Matt Boulton believes one of his first...

AAA Reports Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities

For the three decades prior to 2009, the U.S. had witnessed a steady decline in pedestrian accident fatalities, however, a recent AAA report has found a 53% increase in pedestrian fatalities in the 10 years leading up to 2018. Given the alarming rise in statistics,...

Failure to Yield: A Leading Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

With warmer weather on the horizon, motorcycles will soon be back on Indiana's roads in greater numbers, meaning drivers everywhere are urged to take special notice of their presence. Unfortunately, for Boulton Law Group and attorney Matt Boulton, it means we will be...

IMPO Study of 24 High-Crash Indianapolis Intersections

Every intersection has the potential to be dangerous: someone runs a red light, a distracted driver rear-ends the vehicle in front of them, someone else makes an illegal turn... the list is large. And having investigated intersection-related car accidents for 20+...

Semi-Truck Blind Spots: Stay Out of the “No Zone”

Having investigated a number of semi-truck accidents throughout Indiana, attorney Matt Boulton has reviewed multiple police reports that determined the crash was caused by a trucker's inability to see the other vehicle(s) involved due to a blind spot. Each year, blind...

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