Did a Slip & Fall Cause Your Injuries? Indiana Laws Can Make for a Difficult Case.

Have you ever considered how quickly a person can go from standing upright to unexpectedly falling and being flat on their back? It is quite literally a fraction of a second. Almost all of us reading this have had an unexpected trip or fall at some point in our lives....

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Why Slip & Fall Accident Victims Should Hire an Injury Attorney

Sooner or later, gravity gets the best of us when it is least expected. And whether it is a trip, slip, tumble, or wipeout, unscripted falls remain one of the leading causes of injury each year in the United States. The luckiest slip and fall victims escape with red...

Indiana Personal Injury Claim: How Much Money Should You Get?

Indiana law makes it very clear: If you are injured through no fault of your own, you have the right to seek compensation. The same laws also hold true for family members who lose a loved one to an accident. However, less clear to many is how much money they should...

Top 3 Reasons Personal Injury Cases (Rarely) Go to Court

Before taking a closer look at the reasons personal injury claims might go to court, we want to emphasize that trials are a rarity for Boulton Law Group's clients. In fact, approximately 95% of the injury cases we handle will settle in what is known as the...

Top 8 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents & How to Lower Your Risk

It is no surprise: Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable group of Hoosiers on Indiana's roadways. Their complete exposure to cars, trucks, and various environmental hazards account for a wide variety of traumatic injuries that often arise from a motorcycle crash....

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Car Accident Victims

Each week, Boulton Law Group consults with injured people and families who have been affected by a car accident or similar incident. No matter the cause of the accident or nature of their injuries, we advise everyone to do the following: "Seek medical treatment." Most...

Car Found Upside Down in White Lick Creek Near Brownsburg – 2 Dead

A Tuesday afternoon walk for a local Brownsburg resident led to the spotting of a flipped vehicle in White Lick Creek near Brownsburg. Upon closer inspection, it was found that two people were in the car. Around 3:30 p.m., Hendrick’s County Sheriff’s Office dispatched...

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