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Common broken bones and fractures caused by car accidents

There are few things in the world that can cause such wide-ranging, extensive injuries in a person as a motor vehicle accident. Simply put, the human body was not meant to withstand the force and trauma generated by a car collision. In addition to whiplash and other...

Indiana motorcyclists plagued by dangers and crash fatalities

With warmer weather leading to more motorcyclists on Indiana's roads, we thought it would be a good time to look closer at our state's motorcycle crash trends. And if the data from the 2017 Governor's Highway Safety Association report repeats itself, the outlook for...

How much is my car accident injury case worth?

"How much is my case worth?" It is the most common question injured people ask attorney Boulton, and one that he enjoys helping accident victims understand. Specifically, he speaks with callers everyday who are confused about what they are owed by the insurance...

Where are the most dangerous intersections in central Indiana?

As Indiana prepares for warmer temperatures, Hoosiers can count on summer vacations, out of school teen drivers, and better weather leading to more congested roadways. For this reason, we thought it would be an opportune time to look at the potential risks awaiting...

What is a closed head injury accident case worth?

Concussions have been thrust into the public conscience due to ongoing investigations involving professional athletes, and the mounting evidence suggests that closed head injuries play a much more significant role in long-term health than previously thought. And while...

Boulton Law Group wins car accident case involving drunk driver

Boulton Law Group is pleased to announce that we recently obtained a favorable jury verdict on behalf of a client who was seriously injured by a drunk driver in an Indianapolis car accident. As we further explain in the 'trial details' below, the case was ultimately...

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