Does Johnson & Johnson baby powder cause cancer?

Parents powder their babies with it and adults powder their bodies with it, but is Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder safe? According to a St. Louis jury, which heard testimony and viewed the results of medical and scientific studies, baby powder is far from safe. In fact, it’s cancerous. The jury decided that Johnson & Johnson talcum products caused numerous women to contract ovarian cancer — some of whom died because of the cancer — and awarded 22 women nearly $5 billion in damages.

Following an eight-hour jury trial, the court ruled that there was a definitive connection between talcum and asbestos found in baby powder and ovarian cancer. In fact, evidence presented by the plaintiffs at trial showed that women who had ovarian cancer — and who had used baby powder for many years applied to their genitals for hygiene purposes — had ovaries that contained asbestos fibers.

Many scientists and doctors have, in fact, concluded that the talcum used in baby powder products comes from talcum mines, which often contain naturally-occurring asbestos mixed in with the talcum. This asbestos may be found in baby powder products, that — when applied to women’s genitals — can enter their bodies, uteri, fallopian tubes and finally, the ovaries. In fact, a Harvard University research study found a causal link between the use of talc for hygiene purposes and ovarian cancer.

If you suspect that you or your loved one contracted ovarian cancer because of using Johnson & Johnson products, you may want to look into the matter a little further to determine your legal rights and options as a potential personal injury plaintiff.

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