Hit-and-run accident at I-465 & SR 37 leaves one dead

Shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday morning (June 23) an unidentified man was fatally injured in a hit-and-run collision after being struck by a smaller-style SUV, possibly a Kia Soul.

According to Indiana State Police, shortly before the victim was struck, he had been involved in a separate, minor crash on the I-465 ramp that leads to Harding Street and SR 37.

State police had responded to the initial accident and finished conducting their investigation when they offered the man a ride to a local restaurant where he intended to wait for a friend or family member to pick him up.

The man refused the ride from the State trooper and walked down the ramp toward Harding Street. Before reaching Harding Street, the man attempted to cross the ramp and was then struck by the speeding SUV.

State police said that the vehicle never stopped and continued on at high rate of speed. They are now asking residents to be on the watch for a Kia Soul that has front-end damage.

If you happen to see a vehicle with this description, ISP is asking that you make a hit-and-run report by calling 317-899-8577.

Hit-and-run accident next steps

Indiana law requires anyone involved in an accident to stop their vehicle and remain at the scene and/or provide aid to victims until emergency responders have arrived.

Failure to stay at the scene of an accident can quickly make a bad situation much worse for everyone involved, especially the fleeing driver. In addition to potential lawsuits, individuals who leave the scene of an accident may face felony charges that can result in significant jail time.

If you or a loved one have been struck by a driver who flees the scene, it is never recommended that you chase the other vehicle.

Instead, immediately dial 911 and report any potential injuries and your location.

If possible, provide a description of the hit-and-run driver’s vehicle and any additional details that will help police in their search for the other driver.

After you have received medical treatment and evaluation for your initial injuries, Boulton Law Group recommends that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Hit-and-run accidents can become complicated by the fact that you may need to make a claim against your own insurance company. (Even if they offending driver is located, there is always the likelihood that they were uninsured at the time of the crash.)

Indianapolis hit-and-run injury attorney

For more than 20 years, attorney Matt Boulton has helped Indiana accident victims reclaim what was taken from them. Among the many investigations he has conducted, several involved hit-and-run accidents that left his clients with serious injuries.

In the event that a defendant is never located in a hit-and-run collision, victims will likely be forced to turn to their insurance company for compensation. Some might assume that because they are working with “their own” insurance company, that they will be treated fairly, however, this is not always the case.

Ultimately, insurance companies have one goal: to minimize pay outs and maximize profits.

Attorney Boulton regularly navigates first party hit-and-run claims on behalf of his clients. His experience with these claims works in the favor of his clients because his interests are never divided. His only goal is to recoup the maximum recovery for you and your family.

Additionally, Boulton Law Group offers all hit-and-run accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that you will never be charged a consultation fee and the only time the firm receives payment for its legal services is after we win your case.

To speak to attorney Boulton and receive a free consultation, you can reach him direct at 317-350-2680. Or you can write to us by using our confidential contact form.

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