Where are Indianapolis’s most dangerous intersections?

In a previous blog we reviewed several of central Indiana’s most dangerous intersections. A large number of intersections in that list contained roundabouts, where collisions are common but serious injury is less likely.

In this blog we have excluded roundabouts and will focus exclusively on traditional Indianapolis intersections, many of which have proven to be associated with a higher risk of crashes and collisions that result in serious injury.

However, before looking at each location, we think it is important to examine why intersections invite such a large number of car accidents and pedestrian injuries.

What are the most common intersection dangers?

Having reviewed countless police reports that document intersection accidents throughout Indianapolis, Boulton Law Group has identified a number of liability factors that are routinely responsible for these collisions, including:

Failure to yield the right of way – The majority of accidents at intersections occur because the at-fault driver simply ignored or “tried to beat” the traffic signal.

Additionally, drivers who fail to properly yield in turn lanes are also a significant problem at intersections.

Excessive speed – At-fault drivers are often found to have sped up to avoid red lights, striking a vehicle that has legally entered the intersection.

Driving under the influence – Sadly, a number of accidents that occur at intersections are the result of a driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Intersection design – Some intersections have an especially large cross-over area and/or multiple lanes that create confusion for drivers.

Malfunctioning lights – Odds are, anyone reading this blog has approached an intersection with blinking lights or signals that have completely blacked out.

Storms, prior accidents, mechanical issues, or any other number of disturbances can cause lights to malfunction, leading to confusion, short tempers, and failure to treat the light as a traditional stop sign.

Where are some of the most dangerous intersections in Indianapolis?

In addition to listing intersections with high crash and injury potential, we also included screenshots from the Indiana State Police ‘Daily Crash Prediction Tool’ that shows the level of risk associated with each intersection during afternoon and evening rush hours, or between 3p.m. – 6p.m.

  • Emerson Avenue and Southport Road – Located just west of the entrance and exit ramps for I-65N and I-65S, this is an expansive intersection that includes multiple turn lanes, road markings, and a heavy retail presence, including Super Target, and a large number of restaurants.
Emerson and Southport Road crash risk

Emerson and Southport Road crash risk


  • Fall Creek Parkway and 38th Street – Located just west of the Indiana State Fairgrounds this intersection features multiple lanes, turn restrictions, and high volume traffic. Also, the number of events hosted at the Fairgrounds, such as the Indiana State Fair, makes this an especially high-risk intersection throughout the year.
Fall Creek Parkway and 38th Street crash risk

Fall Creek Parkway and 38th Street crash risk


  • 21st Street and Shadeland Avenue – Located near I-70E and I-70W, this is an example of another large intersection that can become congested and easily responsible for serious accidents and injury.

As with many large intersections, the area features a number of nearby gas stations and other retail establishments.

21st Street and Shadeland Avenue crash risk

21st Street and Shadeland Avenue crash risk


  • Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road – This intersection is often congested and highly active, with apartment complexes, multiple gas stations and other retail stores in the immediate vicinity.

(It should also be noted that a popular bar exists in the area that can add to evening and late-night traffic during the weekend.)

Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road crash risk

Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road crash risk


  • 38th Street and Franklin Road – Located west of I-465, this is a large intersection that has reported a number of speed-related incidents as well as failure to yield the right of way.
38th Street and Franklin Road crash risk

38th Street and Franklin Road crash risk


  • Meridian Street and 29th Street – A number of crashes have been recorded at this intersection cause by a failure to yield. Drivers claim their view was obstructed by the design of the southeast corner of 29th, or they simply ignored the red light and collided with cross-bound traffic.
Meridian Street and 29th Street crash risk

Meridian Street and 29th Street crash risk


  • 38th Street and High School Road – The location of this intersection just off of I-465 presents an especially dangerous scenario. Five lanes of traffic leading to and coming from the highway are marked with fading lane dividers, which makes the right-of-way difficult to distinguish.
38th Street and High School Road crash risk

38th Street and High School Road crash risk


  • 86th Street and Keystone Crossing – Anyone who lives on the north side or has traveled through Castleton is likely familiar with the trappings of this popular intersection. An abundant amount of retail (most notably the Fashion Mall), restaurants, office space, and local residences contribute to the risk of collisions at this location.
86th Street and Keystone Crossing crash risk

86th Street and Keystone Crossing crash risk

What are the most common injuries sustained in intersection accidents?

Because the most common type of collision that occurs in an intersection is either a t-bone impact or head-on crash, these accidents are often responsible for the following types of injuries:

Boulton Law Group has witnessed a wide variety of injuries sustained in intersection-related accidents, some minor, many traumatic. There truly is no limit to the type and severity of injury that can occur.

Specifically, attorney Boulton has helped a number of clients who were injured in intersection-related accidents. And while the majority of collisions involve cars, trucks, and motorcycles, we have also represented pedestrians and bicyclists who were struck in an intersection. (In some instances, large intersections are found to have poorly maintained pedestrian crosswalk markings, or are without signals.)

Questions about an accident that happened at an intersection?

If you were injured in a car accident that happened at an intersection, or struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian you will face many questions, such as:

“Who will pay my bills?”

“How do I prove the other person was 100% at fault?”

“Will the insurance company treat me fairly?”

“How much is my case worth?”

Attorney Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience helping injured people throughout Indiana. Several of his clients have included victims involved in accidents that occurred in or near an intersection.

His experience with evidence and witness collection has proven key to many intersection-related accidents, and the results obtained on behalf of his clients has led to the firm’s award-winning legal status and preeminent reputation amongst his peers.

Boulton Law Group offers all accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that you will never be charged a consultation fee or legal advice, and the only time we receive payment for our services is after we win your case.

To speak to attorney Boulton today, call 317-350-2680, or write to us with the details of your case by using our confidential contact form.

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