Indiana’s ‘one-bite’ law and your rights for dog bites

A lot of people get nervous around large dogs. When dogs attack, they can cause serious injuries that require a lifetime to recover from or even death. Unfortunately, many people who may have been able to take legal action didn’t because they misunderstood Indiana’s laws. Don’t make that same mistake.

Because Indiana law views dogs as not a threat to people, many people believe the state is a “one free bite” state. That means the dog would have to bite someone else first before you can take legal action against the dog’s owner.

What The Law Really Is

Indiana is not a “one bite free” state. The law still holds owners liable for their dog attacking if you can prove that they acted negligently in failing to prevent an attack on you or a family member. This can include if the dog has exhibited previous behavior that should lead an owner to think the dog could attack someone. This could include:

  • Growling at passersby
  • Snapping its teeth at someone, even if it didn’t bite
  • Charging at people or tackling them

Other factors also come into play, such as the breed of the dog and whether the owner took reasonable care, such as properly restraining the dog.

You Have Rights! Talk To An Attorney Today.

A dog attack can lead to costly medical bills for medication, physical therapy and cosmetic surgeries. Do not think that you have no options just because the owner says sorry or something like “this has never happened before.”

An experienced dog bite injury lawyer can conduct an investigation into your case and help you determine the best way to proceed to recover the compensation you deserve.

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