Pedestrians More Likely to Be Hit by Drivers of Expensive Cars

A recent Boulton Law Group blog examined the concerning number of Indiana pedestrian accidents that have resulted in Hoosiers suffering from traumatic and fatal injuries.

In addition to accident statistics, we included a list of potential causes for these collisions. However, a recent study by the Journal of Transport & Health found an additional correlation not listed in our original discussion, and it is very interesting.

The study involved placing video cameras at two Las Vegas crosswalks to evaluate the interaction between pedestrians and automobiles. Researchers directed pedestrians to make eye contact with drivers and then cross the street only if the driver was clearly yielding. The results?

It was found that for every $1,000 increase in a vehicle’s value, the driver is 3% less likely to yield to pedestrians in the roadway.

The peculiar findings prompted researchers to further investigate why this might be the case.

The pedestrian & expensive car connection

In addition to researchers observing the yielding behaviors of drivers at crosswalks, they also recorded the make and model of each vehicle.

Using Kelly Blue Book, researchers were able to place a value on each car in the study, and it was evident that the drivers with the highest car values were least likely to yield to pedestrians. But why is this the case?

One theory, according to a study by Scientific American, suggests that as a person’s wealth increases, their empathy and compassion for others decrease.

Additional studies on the connection between socioeconomic status and personality traits, such as narcissism, have found that some people feel as if their own self-enhancement rises above the well-being of others.

Taking these studies into account, it seems plausible that affluent people may be more likely to believe that they are too important or superior to stop, or that the laws do not apply to them.

Does the value of a car affect a lawsuit?

The most important factor in any Indiana pedestrian lawsuit will be the liability of each party. In other words, we must determine who shares the majority of fault for the accident.

Despite the findings in the above study, the fault does not automatically shift to a driver because they own an expensive car. The majority of our investigation will instead focus on Indiana’s pedestrian laws, accident report findings, witness statements, and physical evidence.

With this in mind, the injuries sustained by pedestrians are often traumatic and/or life-threatening, so in addition to establishing liability, we also must locate an applicable source of insurance to seek compensation. And while it is not always the case, drivers of expensive automobiles may be more likely to carry insurance on their vehicles.

Pedestrian accidents in Indiana

In 2018, Indiana recorded 1,707 collisions involving pedestrians. Of that number, 104 were fatal, and 631 were incapacitating, meaning the injury was severe enough to require immediate medical attention.

As expected, a majority of these accidents have occurred throughout Marion County, where vehicle congestion is common and the number of everyday pedestrians is exponentially higher than in rural areas.

Boulton Law Group has investigated several of these incidents and represented a number of victims injured in a crosswalk. In the majority of instances, the driver was found to be distracted or not paying attention at the moment of the collision.

The majority of our clients with pedestrian injury claims have suffered a number of serious injuries, including:

Ultimately, if you were struck by a vehicle while walking in a crosswalk, or elsewhere, you should speak to an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible. A proper investigation will be important in securing evidence and ensuring that you have an advocate looking out for your rights.

Ask attorney Boulton to handle your pedestrian accident claim

Attorney Matt Boulton has more than 20 years’ experience helping injured victims throughout Indiana. During this time, he has investigated and successfully handled a number of high-profile pedestrian accidents.

Because the injuries in these cases tend to be significant, insurance companies will aggressively defend their insured in an attempt to limit their exposure. For this reason, it is especially important that you request a free consultation from an Indianapolis injury lawyer.

If you were injured as a pedestrian, Boulton Law Group will provide you with a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning that you will never pay for a consultation, and there will never be a charge for our legal services unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

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