Why Are Indiana’s Pedestrian Accident and Fatality Numbers So High?

According to Indiana University Public Policy Institute, the annual total of pedestrian-related accidents and injuries continue to occur at an alarming rate throughout the Hoosier state.

In fact, the number of Indiana accidents that involved the death of a pedestrian reached a 5-year high in 2018.

Specifically, the stats between 2014 – 2018 break down as follows:

2014 – 1,778 pedestrian-related accidents: 1,486 injured, 77 killed, 215 not injured.

2015 – 1,797 pedestrian-related accidents: 1,453 injured, 92 killed, 252 not injured.

20161,914 pedestrian-related accidents: 1,537 injured, 83 killed, 294 not injured.

2017 – 1,707 pedestrian-related accidents: 1,342 injured, 104 killed, 261 not injured.

2018 – 1,758 pedestrian-related accidents: 1,378 injured, 115 killed, 265 not injured.

After viewing these statistics, it is only natural to wonder about the potential factors that might bear responsibility.

What are the potential causes of accidents involving pedestrians?

Experts and data analysts point to a variety of reasons for our state’s alarming number of pedestrian-related injuries and wrongful deaths.

Below, we take a closer look at 4 potential reasons these accidents continue to occur:

Increases in the number of people walking

No surprise here, but as more and more people take to the outdoors in their sneakers, motor vehicle-related incidents and accidents involving pedestrians will likely rise.

Recent spikes in the number of Indiana’s pedestrians are attributed to a combination of factors, including:

  • Healthy lifestyles

Focus on personal health is at an all-time high in our country, including Indiana.

With trainers, health coaches, and wellness experts placing an emphasis on non-sedentary lifestyles, walking has become a popular addition to many people’s exercise regimen.

  • Support for environmental causes

A large number of Hoosiers have adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle, meaning that many are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

Opting to walk versus driving a motor vehicle is one such act of support for environmentally-related causes.

  • Indiana’s changing climate

Recent years have seen Indiana’s winters become mild in temperature, resulting in longer stretches of warm-weather months.

As a result, more Hoosiers are walking to work or other destinations when they otherwise would have taken a car or truck.

Smartphones and handheld devices are everywhere

According to Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own a cell phone, with smartphones accounting for 81% of that total.

In addition to mobile phones, MP3’s and other handheld devices continue to be used by pedestrians and drivers alike.

That means that the vast majority of Indiana’s drivers and pedestrians now possess a distracting device on or near their person when they’re behind the wheel or on foot.

Gas prices continue to stay low  

Recent years have seen a decrease in fuel prices, meaning those who do choose to get behind the wheel vs. walking are doing more driving than ever.

Specifically, since the United States began closing in on full employment between 2015 and 2017, Indiana residents who might otherwise have stayed at home are commuting again, and people who may not have been able to afford cars in previous years bought an automobile.

Additionally, the number of Hoosiers who own SUVs is greater than at any other time in our state’s history. A consequence of larger vehicles is that they are known to be more deadly for pedestrians.

Because SUVs carry far more mass and are designed with high, blunt hoods, they are more likely to make initial contact with a pedestrian’s head (an often fatal injury or TBI) as opposed to their legs.

Disregard for traffic signals and crosswalks

The vast majority of these accident types are often found to be the result of the pedestrian or driver of the motor vehicle failing to follow local traffic signals and/or crosswalk laws.

It is important that injured pedestrians contact an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to investigate these incidents. The attorney will work to piece together the facts of the case by examining the vehicle and accident scene. Their presence will also help to ensure evidence does not disappear.

Boulton Law Group has also investigated a number of pedestrian-related accidents that resulted in shared liability, meaning the pedestrian and driver are both assigned a percentage of fault.

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It is not uncommon for injured pedestrians to sustain traumatic injuries. In fact, attorney Boulton has investigated and handled a number of pedestrian lawsuits that involve broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spine damage, and/or wrongful death.

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