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Ronald Reagan Parkway Accidents Not Uncommon for Brownsburg Residents

Posted Jan 09, 2019 by Matt Boulton

The Ronald Reagan Parkway was officially opened to traffic in the late 1990s, serving as a popular stretch of road for local commuters who were traveling between I-74 and I-70.

As Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, and other surrounding cities continue to grow in population, city officials have witnessed a need for expanding the Ronald Reagan Parkway. In fact, an extension from State Road 267 to I-65 is scheduled to be complete by 2020.

Over its years of existence, regular commuters and local Brownsburg residents familiar with the parkway have likely witnessed or learned of serious car accidents that have occurred on this stretch of road as well as near its many intersections.

One such incident resulted in a seven-car accident and resulted in the death of a Brownsburg resident.

Common Causes of Accidents on the Ronald Reagan Parkway

Our office has spoke with a number of locals who have been involved in an accident on the Ronald Reagan, and while each incident is unique, we typically see one of the following as a contributing cause of the collision:

  • Excessive speed
  • Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone)
  • Following too closely
  • Drowsy driving
  • Construction-related incidents

And because the parkway has a history involving new and ongoing construction, each of the contributing factors above result in an even larger risk to drivers who use the Ronald Reagan.

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Injured on the Ronald Reagan Parkway?

If you were involved in a car accident on the Ronald Reagan that resulted in serious injury, it is important that you first seek medical treatment as soon as possible and follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

Insurance companies are familiar with incidents that have occurred on the parkway and they will try to contact you as soon as possible to obtain a recorded statement in an attempt to limit their exposure.

Before you speak with the at-fault driver’s insurance company (or your own insurance company), it is critical that you contact an experienced Brownsburg accident attorney that is not only familiar with accidents on the Ronald Reagan, but can also advise you of your rights and protect your claim.

Why Choose the Boulton Law Group?

Attorney Boulton is an award-winning Brownsburg injury attorney that focuses his practice strictly on helping injured Hoosiers.

The firm offers local residents top-rated legal representation that refuses to provide anything less than personal and empathetic customer service. Attorney Boulton and his staff work to ensure everyone feels like family.

Whether you are a resident of Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, or a closely surrounding city near the Ronald Reagan Parkway, attorney Boulton will visit with you at your home, the hospital, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

You will never be inconvenienced when you choose the Boulton Law Group.

Free Case Evaluation for a Ronald Reagan Parkway Accident

The Boulton Law Group provides all Ronald Reagan accident victims a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that we will never charge a consultation or investigation fee, and you only pay us after we win your case.

To speak to attorney Boulton about your potential accident case, you can contact him direct by dialing 317-350-2680.

Additionally, you can write to us using our confidential contact form, or by chatting with us live on our website.

Matt Boulton

Author Matt Boulton

Attorney Matt Boulton is an award-winning personal injury attorney with more than 25 years of experience helping seriously injured people throughout Indiana. He designed his firm for the client who expects exceptional service and passionate, successful legal representation.

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