3 Tips for safe driving in snow during Indiana winters

Growing up a Hoosier means you have likely heard the old joke, “Don’t like Indiana weather? Wait 5 minutes!”

When it comes to Indiana winters some might argue there is a bit of truth to that wisecrack. Certain parts of our state are often hit by significant winter storm systems with very little warning.

We have gathered a few important tips for safely driving on snow. Following these winter road safety tips will leave you less likely to end up in a ditch, or in injured in a serious car accident.


3 Ways to Decrease Your Chances of a Car Accident in Snowy Conditions


1. Reduce Your Speed!

Having helped a number of seriously injured people who were hurt by a speeding driver, this winter tip is easily one of the most important on our list.

The Boulton Law Group reviews several police reports for accident victims during Indiana’s winter months, and we commonly see “driving too fast for conditions” as the primary or contributing cause.

No matter what a driver attempts to do on a snow-covered road (accelerate, brake, turn, etc.), it is always going to be more difficult and take longer to complete. Simple, everyday maneuvers become much more risky and less predictable.

Simply said, greatly reduce your speed during snowy conditions, even if it means driving well below the posted speed limit.


2. Handle a Skid with Calm

There is no more helpless of a feeling than when your car begins to skid on a snow-covered road. It even happens to the most experienced of drivers. Fortunately, there are proper ways to handle skids that can greatly reduce your chances of ending up in an accident.

The first instinct most drivers have when they begin to skid is smash the brake to the floor. Try to avoid this!

Instead, immediately take your foot off the gas pedal, keep both hands on the wheel, and gently steer in the direction you want the car to go.

That said, newer vehicles are installed with anti-lock brake systems (ABS), and the tips for ABS are a bit different.

If a collision is seemingly unavoidable, you can push down hard on the brake pedal and let the car’s computer system assist you in stopping. (The pedal and car while make a loud vibrating sound, but it is important to not let off the pedal and continue steering at all times.)


3. Carry a Winter Emergency Kit in Your Trunk

Seeing a car on the side of a road with flashing emergency lights is not an uncommon sight during the winter driving months. And having a stocked winter kit in these instances can greatly decrease your chances of being stranded as well as injured.

Some basic supplies to have in your winter kit should include blankets, reflective tape, water, non-perishable food, gloves, and a charger for your mobile phone.

And as mentioned above, always have your emergency blinkers turned on so as to alert other drivers.


Injured in a Winter-Related Car Accident?

Our office sees an uptick in calls each winter as snow begins to fall on our highways and interstates.

Unfortunately, we also see a number of clients with severe injuries caused by someone driving irresponsibly on snow and ice.

We never recommend that you speak to an insurance company following a winter-related accident. Liability factors tend to be much more complicated when snow and ice are contributing factors that led to the collision.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to limit their exposure by placing a percentage of fault on a driver who may have zero liability. Winter weather increases the chances that this could occur.

Before you speak with the insurance company, you should contact an experienced accident attorney that has handled winter weather-related injury claims.

A free consultation will reveal what rights you have as well as protect your potential case.


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