Why are truck accidents more complicated than others?

On the surface, one Indiana vehicle accident may appear very much like another. One car collides with another. In the worst cases, someone suffers serious injury or is killed. To the casual observer, it might seem that resolving the claims for accident victims should be as simple as identifying the person most liable and holding them accountable.

There are, however, a lot of possible layers of liability in any crash. No two are alike. If the accident happens to involve a semitrailer truck, the number of layers can increase greatly. Like the princess heroine in the story “Princess and the Pea,” not everyone has the character and skills to work down through the corporate and insurance covers that often protect all the liable parties.

In most kinds of vehicle accidents, settling things takes little more than the drivers exchanging personal and insurance information. Agents step in, determine level of fault of each driver and arrange for repair estimates. If all goes well, a check is cut when the work is finished.

With truck accidents, negligence and liability might only start with the driver. If the crash happened because the trucker was tired from working beyond allowed hours, or if the vehicle was improperly maintained, the trucking company might be held accountable for compensation.

Likewise, if the shipper loaded the trailer wrong, making it unwieldy and unsafe, that company might share in the blame and be required to contribute. If the truck was defective to begin with, the manufacturer may be liable.

Assembling the list of possible compensation sources, however, only follows a thorough investigation. And considering what is at stake, having a legal advocate committed to working for your interests makes sense.

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