National Construction Zone Safety Week in Indiana

Each year, Indiana’s Department of Transportation (INDOT) works double-time during ‘National Construction Safety Week‘ to spread awareness about the work zone dangers facing Hoosier road workers and motorists.

Having investigated road worker injuries and car accidents that occurred in an Indiana construction zone, attorney Matt Boulton has previosuly highlighted a number of issues related to these incidents, including:

And while road construction is a year-round endeavor in Indiana, warmer weather signals an especially busy time for construction workers who are fixing roads as well as starting a number of new projects.

To view INDOT’s major construction projects, you can visit their website here.

Construction Zone Dangers for Indiana Motorists & Road Workers

While the majority of construction zone dangers rightfully focuses on our vulnerable road workers, it is also important to understand that motorists are not immune to traumatic injury when traveling through one of these areas.

In fact, one in five people killed in a work zone is a motorist, either involved in in a single car accident, or a collision with multiple vehicles.

And based on reports from investigating officers and INDOT employees, there are a number of causes for car and truck accidents in work zones, including:

  • Speed – Despite speed limits being greatly reduced in all road construction zones, officers and INDOT employees continue to report motorists speeding in work areas. If you are traveling in a road construction zone, please slow down.
  • Mobile Phones – Indiana’s Hands Free Law makes it illegal for anyone to be holding a mobile phone while operating their vehicle, however, there are still concerns that people will drive distracted in a work zone, leading to an incredible risk for an accident.
  • Changes in Road Configuration – Whether it is concrete barriers, barrels, or cones, construction zones regularly (sometimes daily) involve lane configuration changes, and if motorists are speeding or not giving their full attention to the road, the risk of an accident is always present.

By keeping safety top of mind, motorists can not only avoid being involved in an automobile accident, they can also prevent an incident that involves a road worker.

Turning our attention to Indiana’s road workers, each year, there are a number of news-related incidents that involve a serious or fatal injury to one or more of these men and women. The primary cause of these accidents? Negligent motorists.

In addition to construction zone workers facing the motorist dangers listed above, they also must contend with the following:

  • Nighttime Construction – In an attempt to avoid a larger volume of traffic, construction projects will sometimes take place during the evening hours. Despite the attempt to decrease risks, nighttime construction still faces the dangers of speeding motorists as well as drivers who are under the influence.
  • Co-Worker Negligence – Construction zones are often unpredictable, with the presence of heavy machinery, a variety of tool use, and unstable environments. This combination of factors has the potential to lead to an injury caused by a co-worker’s negligence.
  • Poor Weather – Inclement weather can decrease visibility and create additional concerns that subject road workers to site dangers and increased risk of being struck by a motorist.
  • Hot Lanes – Construction workers are asked to avoid the lanes in which the motorists are traveling, known as ‘hot lanes,’ however, mistakes have happened. Workers are to avoid hot lanes at all costs.

Again, not all road workers are applying their trade behind the increased stability of concrete barriers. A plastic barrel or cone may be all that separates a worker from traffic.

For that reason, the message of National Construction Zone Safety Week should be one that is strictly followed year-round: If you must drive through a road construction zone, please slow down and pay attention.

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